We are sorry to inform you all that one of our volunteers has tested positive for Covid. We are going to temporarily close so our employees have the opportunity to get tested. We will be closed until at least Friday of next week. We will update you as more info becomes available. Zoom meeting are still available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Your Alano Club Board.

If you are making a zoom meeting, please consider donating here because you're not putting money in the basket.

Saturday night zoom speaker meeting
at 7:00 pm
meeting ID: 838 6961 7926
password: 49001

These are the upcoming speaker meetings. They will be on zoom for sure.

10/31 Jason K.
11/7 Amanda D.
11/14 Amy M.
11/21 Virginia D.
11/28 Traditions Skit
12/5 Alaina M.
12/12 Suzanne C.
12/19 Tylor S.
12/26 Mike Ch.

Here are some regularly scheduled zoom meetings going on.

Zoom meetings:
Tuesday&Thursday ID: 756-323-120

Alano Club Saturday Women's 8am
ID: 356 762 181.PW STW

ACA Wednesday 9:00 am
ID number 961 053 7168. Password: 933530

9:30 a.m.
Monday Thru Saturday ID: 843-8348-6166 Password: 241567

Funky Bunch 11:00 Sunday
ID 864-9791-8274 Password: 201467

Alano Club Noon Big Book Tuesday @noon
ID: 603 620 748

Back to Basics Noon Thursday
ID: 511 634 6095 Password: 704526

Alano Club Friday Noon 12 x 12
ID: 218 995 794

ACA Monday 5:30
ID number 961 053 7168. Password: 933530

You join zoom this way zoom signin

You can find some world services meetings here.
Here is a list of some Kalamazoo area meetings that have moved online. (If you know of better resources inform me of them here please.)